Mesh Suppliers in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Industrial Mesh Supplies is a supplier of various screening products, our speciality is Woven Wire Screening and related screening media. Most of these items are imported and held in stock. Specialised items can be manufactured to customers requirement.

Woven Wire Mesh


This is used extensively in various industries and different applications. These items are available ex-Stock from 30mm to 25 Micron and are available in various types of weave.


Perforated Plate


Various perforations are punched from a selection of materials and varying in thickness from 0.5mm to 6mm.




Manufactured mainly from woven wire mesh, in various diameters, with either aluminium, stainless steel or copper rims.


Welded Mesh


Welded mesh is manufactured from various wire diameters and is electrically welded at intersections to create various apertures.


Tensioned Screens


During the re-meshing process, we ensure optimum mesh tension which leads to better screening efficiency and longer screen life.


Expanded Metal


This is a sheet metal which has been slit and expanded into a network if diamond shaped meshes and supplied in various materials and sizes.


Industrial Mesh Supplies specialize in steel wire mesh in Gauteng. We are a medium sized company founded in April 1997 based in Gauteng, South Africa. We are renowned for our willingness to help and friendly service.

Industrial Mesh Supplies

Our Mission

To supply a quality product at a fair price and to back that up with excellent service.

Contact Industrial Mesh Supplies if you would like to find out more about our us as mesh suppliers in Gauteng or our mesh products, email us or call us on 011 814 7858

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