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There are thousands of items that people and businesses use every single day that we take little to no notice of. These items do their jobs so effectively that people forget about them, crazy right? One of those items is welded mesh (or welded wire mesh), those wire cages that you see people using as fences and guard cages.

What else can we use welded mesh for? Let’s find out!

Welded mesh for domestic use

Partitions and bird proofing
Are you one of the many home farmers with a veggie patch in your yard? If so, you already know the applications and benefits that welded mesh can offer you. From partitioning different sections in your patch to providing a sturdy storage unit for grain and animal feed, welded mesh can easily become your best organisational tool.

Welded mesh can also be used to prevent birds from eating your veggies without compromising your patch’s exposure to sunlight and rainwater. It’s preferred over netting due to the durability of the mesh.

Window guards

Mesh can be used as cost effective alternatives to window bars due to its high tensile strength, especially for steel and aluminium meshes. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote and good prices on reliable mesh!

Welded mesh for commercial use

1. Security fencing
Pay close attention to the fences that parks, schools and sports field use. Industrial grade mesh is highly effective when used as fencing because of its combined flexibility and tensile strength. Our selection of industrial grade welded mesh will be sure to keep your property safe, check it out!

2. Construction and transportation
Industrial grade mesh has a multitude of applications in these industries, from creating walkways, balustrades and cladding to providing convenient ways to partition different sections on a construction site and great cages for trucks and bakkies.

What’re you waiting for? Let’s get meshy!

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