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Expanded metal is a type of sheet metal that is cut, stretched and formed into a metal mesh like material that has regular patterns, most often diamond shapes. Expanded metal has many applications in domestic and industrial environments. This material is stronger than many other kind of sheet metal because of its versatility.

Expanded metals are created from either stainless steel, brass or aluminium. They are durable, lightweight and resistant to corrosive chemicals. Expanded metals can be used for a few things, such as braai grids, fencing and conveyor walkways.

How are expanded metals made?

A sheet of metal is cut with alternating patterns before being stretched out like an accordion. The main use for these sheet metals are in applications that require the flow of air or water through the sheet. Stainless steel, aluminium and brass are used because of their superior durability and resistance to corrosive chemicals.

What are expanded metals used for?

Expanded metals are mostly used to make fences, walkways and grates. The material used is very versatile, durable and stronger than lighter wire mesh, albeit more expensive. Expanded metals protect against large objects while allowing the flow of air and water, and so can be used in any application that requires this functionality.

The exposed edges on expanded metals also provide more traction, which is beneficial in their use as drain covers and catwalks.

Expanded metal is also used in the construction industry in large quantities. It is used as metal lath to support materials like plaster, stucco or adobe in walls and several other types of structures. This metal mesh sheet is also used by artists and architects because of their patterned nature.

The complex lattice pattern of expanded metal allows artists to create complex 3-Dimensional surfaces that can be covered with plaster or other materials to create stunning 3D artworks. Architects use expanded metals as exposed facades or screen materials which can be formed into simple or complex decorative shapes.

Photographic images can be printed on the surface which produces textures or large graphic images that still allow light to filter through the exterior surface of a building.

Expanded metals have many applications, male sure you use the right supplier to get your metal sheets. Get in touch with us today for a free quote on affordable expanded metals and wire mesh.