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Rimpacks can be manufactured with Stainless Steel, Mild steel or Aluminium.

We provide a large variety of stainless steel, mild steel, as well as specialized wire mesh. The reason to use Rimpacks, is because of the strength and life that they provide to your disc.

We supply a comprehensive range of filters for complete system protection. These are manufactured in stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium; available in both pleated and flat versions, to suit specific application requirements. The metal mesh filter discs are designed and manufactured to provide filtration in liquid and gas flow systems. It is mainly utilized in distillation, absorption, evaporation and filtration process of rubber, plastic industry, the screening of grain and oil, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, ship-building and other industries.

The benefits of the filter disc are high quality filtration capacity, precise fitting filter elements, optimum cost performance ration, constant quality control during production.

Rimpacks are mainly manufactured from woven wire mesh, in various diameters, with either aluminium, stainless steel or copper rims.


Specifications Required to order

*OD & ID Diameter
*Mesh or micron size
*Aluminium, stainless steel or copper rims