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Welded mesh fabric reinforcement is manufactured utilizing cold-rolled deformed wire, electrically resistance welded at the intersections of the longitudinal and transverse wires at the required mesh spacing with minimal loss of strength and cross-sectional area.

Welded mesh is manufactured strictly according to the SANS 1024 Standards Specifications, making it easy for identification, quality control and management.

Welded mesh fabric is commonly used in surface beds (concrete floor slabs on fill) and road pavements, mesh can also be used in suspended floor slabs, concrete retaining walls, box culverts and drains, precast stadium seating, tilt-up wall panels to name a few.

  • Using welded mesh drastically speeds up the construction process
  • Welded mesh is available in a range of wire diameters each suited for a particular reinforcing design application
  • Depending on job requirements welded mesh can be designed either in flat sheets, rolls or bent to suit
  • The deformed wire used in the production of welded mesh enhances concrete adhesion. The wire has a minimum proof stress of 485MPa and a tensile strength of 510MPa as per BS4482 Standard Specification requirements
  • Welded mesh can be used at higher stresses than that of high tensile rebar, resulting in an 8% overall material saving
  • Due to its rigid nature, concrete cover can be controlled more accurately on site
  • Where there is a significant amount of repetition, conventional bar reinforcement can be substituted with pre-manufactured designed mesh resulting in easier controls, speed of installation, reducing off-cuts and wastage